What Is Best For Your Concrete Floor: Polishing Or Resurfacing?

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Having concrete floors is great. Such a strong and durable material means that you will be able to enjoy it for years without having any major dramas or issues. Although, just like any floor, you are going to have to do some work on it now and then.

The two main options that can work for you: concrete polishing or resurface. Choosing which one is going to make your life a little harder as both are different. So how do you go about it? We break it down to you by providing you with two simple answers to two curious questions:

What Is The Condition Of The Concrete?

Before you decide if you would rather resurface or polish your concrete, you have to look at the condition of your concrete. And there are a few simple ways to determine what will work best for your floors:

  • If your concrete floor has a few scratches or marks, you can easily polish it over, and there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever.

  • If your concrete floor has small dents or minor cracks, you will be able to disguise it with some concrete overlays. It will give your level that brand new look.

  • However, if your floor is completely busted with massive cracks and huge holes, there is no doubt that you have to resurface the whole thing.

By determining the status of your floor, you will be able to decide on which option is best for it. If you are unsure, you can always speak to local concrete polishers that can give insight on works best.

What Do You Want From Your Floor? 

Another thing is what exactly you are looking to achieve with your floor. Are you after decorating it or just adding a layer of protection? You have to decide what you want, and this will help you with your decision-making process. How advice is this:

  • For decorative styles and options, you can’t go past concrete polishing. It will provide you with a coating that can be decorated with your style. You can have plain colours, shiny metallics, peebles and much more.

  • For plain rock and solid surfaces (that are ideal for many workplaces, especially industrial), then resurfacing is the best option for you. It will provide you with that flat surface that will make it safer and easier for you to work.

Once you have decided on what type of flooring you would like for your concrete floor, then the next step is to head to a concrete polishing professional. They will be able to help you with all your requirements and needs.

What Is Our Recommendation? 

When it comes to providing the best and most affordable polished concrete services in Melbourne, we cannot go past the experts at All Grind. With years of experience, a deep passion for their services and a wide selection to offer clients, they will able to restore your concrete floor and give it the sparkle that it needs.

Why Go For A Decorative Floor? 

When you walk into your office, you would like to look down and see a floor that is colourful, bright and represents your business. The same can be said of your garage at home. You want something personal and close to you. But how do you get such floors?

You look towards speaking to a professional offering epoxy flooring services in Melbourne. They will be able to take that design and create your decorative floor. And we got the reasons why you should be getting them.

Range Of Styles For You 

If you are bored of the same timber colours and dull carpets, then a decorative floor can be everything you need. There is almost an unlimited amount of styles, designs, textures, and colours that you can choose from in decorative epoxy floors. You will have the pick of the litter, so your floors can match the decor of your property without a fuss.

Can Be Custom Made For You 

Instead of getting a floor that is the same as everyone else’s, why not get one that is completely your own design? That is what you can do with decorative epoxy floors. You can choose anything you, regarding images, logos, textures and more, and have it installed on your floor. It will be your own complete design – something that other floor and floor coating options can’t provide you.

Will Add A Personal Sparkle To Your Property

There is nothing more exciting that coming into your property and seeing a floor that is completely personal for you. No amount of carpet or timber floors will provide you with the personal touch that decorative epoxy floors do. It will give you something to smile about when you come home or walk into work.

Strong As Ever

Doesn’t mean that it is decorative that it is anyway less stronger than regular epoxy floors. The same ingredients and components are used in the process to ensure that the durability, strength and easy maintenance that is renowned in epoxy floors is guaranteed in the decorative design.


With such a variety of options at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy decorative floors in your property? The next question is: where do you go to find the professionals that can handle the job for you? Luckily, we have a company for you. Their name is All Grind and with years of providing concrete floor polishing in Melbourne, they have all the experience you need to design and install your decorative floor.