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Borthwick History

1948- 1973. The late Andrew Borthwick was co founder of A. Borthwick & Son along with his son Don in 1948. Andrew’s love for timber translated through the quality work he carried out in residential homes, schools and businesses throughout Melbourne, and to this day has left a lasting impression that has reflected through his son Don and grandson’s David and Bill.
Don Borthwick



1948- 2000. Don Borthwick began sanding and polishing timber floors in residential homes, schools and businesses in Melbourne with his father Andrew over 50 years ago. Don’s knowledge and impeccable craftsmanship has earned him projects such as Government housing, Public and Private schools in and around Melbourne and more recognized buildings such as The Art Gallery, Reserve Bank, Melbourne Town hall and numerous Basket Ball Stadiums. And although, officially retired, his knowledge in the timber flooring industry has kept him involved even today. He is still giving professional advice to clients and to those in the building and architectural industry because of his expertise and wisdom he’s so well known for.

1963 – 2006. Elizabeth Borthwick has dedicated her life supporting and working vigorously hard alongside her husband Don making sure everything ran smooth. Her efforts earned her a managing Directors role and share holder in the company when Andrew Borthwick died in 1974. Elizabeth is well respected by all in the building industry and by those who know her, and like her husband Don will always play a major part in keeping A. Borthwick & Son alive.
David Borthwick


1984 – David Borthwick with over 22 years experience installing, sanding and polishing solid timber floors in Melbourne’s homes and commercial properties, has followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. His experience and understanding of new products and machinery; keeping up with today’s technology along with the knowledge he gained from his father and his father before him, has made him one of the most knowledgeable and skilled flooring contractors in Melbourne. Projects such as Federation Square, National Australia Bank and Melbourne State Library are just to name a few. He strives on perfection and shows honesty and loyalty to everyone around him this is why David is regarded so highly and respected enormously in the building and architectural industry.

1995 – Bill Borthwick grandson of Andrew Borthwick established the Queensland Branch on the Gold Coast. Like his grandfather, his passion for timber has shown through the work he does. His display of honesty and professionalism is recognized through every project he carries out and his effort to fine detail and craftsmanship, has gained enormous amount of respect in Queensland’s building and architectural industry