Company Profile

Borthwick Floors Company Profile

Established in 1948 A. Borthwick & Son P/L is a third generation company that has been polishing timber floors in Melbourne’s homes and businesses for over 50 years. Together with Andrew’ and his son Donald’ they earned the respect from clients all over Melbourne through the quality work and craftsmanship they strived hard to achieve.

Years later after Andrew Borthwick retired his grandson David joined with his father Donald to continue on the family business and most recently taking over the company when Donald retired in 2000. David’s knowledge, expertise and honesty as a flooring contractor has gained him respect throughout the flooring and architectural industries.

In addition, Bill Borthwick (Grandson of the late Andrew Borthwick) established ‘Borthwick Floors’ in the South east Queensland area over 10 years ago, proving to be one of the finest flooring contractors around.

With David and Bill having over 30 years experience between them and the quality work they achieve with each individual project, has made them one of the leaders in the flooring industry.