How To Compare Roofing Estimates

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Are you thinking about getting something roofing work done on your home, but can’t figure out which roofer is right for you? This is a common situation that many people face and one we have solved with this blog on comparing roofing estimates.

The Warranty:

Depending on how long a roofer is going to offer you a warranty is going to showcase the value they put into their work and materials. The longer they put their assurances, the more likely they are going to charge more because their service is of a higher standard. The logic is then reversed if they don’t offer you any warranty – they know their service might not live up to standards and they don’t want to provide you with any follow up work. This is all going to have an affect on your price points.

The Materials:

This is going to vary from project to project. If you after say, porcelain roofing tiles, then the costs might be lot. But if you are after welsh slate roofing, then you have to pay more because you are getting a better product. That is just part and parcel of any contractual roofing work. The roofing materials that you use for your project is going to affect the costs in the long run.

The Labour:

Roofing is hard work, so there is no surprise that labour is part of the cost. But how much of it is labour? Is it the job itself or the hours extra? Figuring out the labour cost to a job is very tricky, but not something that you should ignore. This is not to mention all the equipment and tools that will be used during the project. This is all included in the labour costs as it is part of the process. So if you are struggling with this, speak to the roofer to see where the money is going when it comes to the services, so you know what is dedicated to the labour. To get to know us better, reach out to us today.

The Additionals:

What do we mean by additionals? We are talking about the extra work that comes with roofing services, such as clean-ups, waste removal, or even pure cleaning. One of the many things with roofers is that they might not do this as a favour, but rather a service in itself. So you end up paying extra to ensure that your house is clean after they have worked on it. Make sure there are no additionals on top of the work – unless you are after something more so make it service better and help your roof in the long run.