The range of timber available today is infinite and we use only quality recommended products to get the best result possible. Whether you choose standard or select we are sure to find a timber to suit both your budget and décor whilst accomplishing a result you will be delighted with.

The difference between standard and select timber grades is that select grade timber is chosen from the best of the best timber grades; offering minimal imperfections through the timber. This particular grade looks great in modern style homes and commercial properties as it offers a more even finish without losing its warm and natural feel.
Select GradeSelect timber grade

Standard grade timber is when the timber has imperfections such as gum veins, splits in the boards and may have holes in the timber. Although, these imperfections can be filled, choosing a standard grade timber looks great in old period style homes or when you want a more weathered and natural appearance as it displays more of the natural characteristics. This is also a cheaper alternative to select grade timber.