Application- Materials

Polyurethane (thinners base)

  • Two pack polyurethane
  • Single pack polyurethane (gloss, semi gloss and low sheen)

Polyurethane is the most common application used as it wears well and is extremely durable.

Oil base finishes (turpentine based)

  • Tung oil (gloss and low sheen)
  • Oil modified (gloss and low sheen)

Hard wax finishes

  • Whittle wax (hard wax finish). A. Borthwick & Son were one of the first to use this product in 2005 when it first came to Australia. So far it has proven to be successful with the projects we have done. This product is ecologically sound as it contains no pollutants with minimal solvents; ensuring the health and safety of humans, while helping to protect and sustain the environment.

Water base finishes

  • Two pack ( water base)
  • Single pack (water base)

All water base finishes come in gloss, semi gloss and matt finishes.

Although, this finish is not as durable as polyurethane and needs to be re-coated more regularly in heavy traffic areas, it is quick drying and a non toxic alternative.

Our products are from reparable manufactures such as…

  • Polycure
  • Orica (Feast Watson)
  • Wattyl
  • Treatex
  • Mirotone for stains