Choosing Hardwood Timber Floors

Nothing beats a hardwood timber floor underfoot. The sheer beauty, texture and individual characteristics each species offers, is second to none.

We treat your floor as if it were our own, making sure you are satisfied with the result the first time around.

Hardwood timber floors will match any décor, add value to any home, and believed to be the most durable and low maintenance floor covering of today.

Compare hardwood timber floors to pre-finish.

When hardwood timber floors are compared with pre-finished floating floors, there is no comparison. Although, pre-finished attracts the consumer initially with the price and quick installation time, the strength and durability is no match against a hardwood timber floor.

Yes, hardwood timber floors take time to complete from start to finish as it is sanded and polished on site; however, it is definitely worth the wait. The solidarity in the timber, the sheer strength and durability hardwood timber floors has over pre-finished floors is second to none.

Remember, pre-finished timber floors can only be sanded a couple of times before they need replacing, whereas hardwood timber floors can be sanded back numerous times before they ever need to be replaced.

A Hardwood timber floor is definitely in a class of its own.

Compare hardwood timber floors to carpet.

Firstly, Hardwood timber floors are a much practical choice, as dust, their mites and other fine particles get trapped in carpet. This causes allergies such as skin irritations, and respiratory problems such as asthma, to occur more often.

Hardwood timber floors are a much cleaner alternative to carpet as it does not trap dust that harbor dust mites.

Finally, Hardwood timber floors are much easier to clean, and will only add value to your property; making hardwood timber floors a sound investment.

How do I know if it is hardwood or Softwood?

The best way to distinguish hardwood from softwood is by looking at the grain. When you are looking for a hardwood you may notice gum veins through the timber.

Some of these timbers are

– Blackbutt
– Brush Box
– Forest Reds
– Grey Iron Bark
– Red Iron Bark
– Jarrah
– Merbau
– Messmate
– Red Gum
– Spotted Gum
– Turpentine
– W.A. Karri

This timber is able to withstand the toughest conditions as it is very durable.

Softwood however, is more likely to have knots in the timber.

Some of these timbers are

– Baltic Pine
– Cypress Pine
– Radiata Pine
– Tasmanian Myrtle

Remember this timber will dint and scratch very easily because of its softness.

Borthwick Floors are experienced in helping you choose the right timber for your project.