Supply and Install

Borthwick Floors supply and install strip and parquetry timber floors to all domestic and commercial properties. We believe that a successful timber floor is all in the preparations as it sets the foundations of a solid timber floor to be strong, stable and to last a life time.

Whether you need a floor installed directly over concrete, on bearers and joists, on top of ply wood, particle boards or chipboard, our qualified team will lay your strip or parquetry timber floor professionally. Our aim is to make sure you get the best qualified and recommended floor layer possible for your home or commercial property.

Borthwick Floors will also ensure you get the best quality timber available while saving you money as we deal direct with the timber mills.

Sanding and polishing

We sand and polish all types of new and old solid timber strip or parquetry flooring.

Our standard applications over a new floor is three coatings of approved finish chosen by you and if it is an existing floor, we either apply three coatings of quality approved finish to the timber floor or if the floor doesn’t need to be sanded back to bare boards, we can apply just a single or double coat.

Hand staining

Customers are now choosing to stain their floors rather than going to the expense of replacing the timber they currently have in order to match their décor. Because of this, we have taken time to train our staff the art of hand staining. This is a timely process as it involves wiping on and wiping off the excess by hand in order to get a professional and outstanding result.

We only use a non toxic, waterbase stain and we are able to match any colour you throw at us; providing you give us the sample colour you want on the exact timber we are applying it to.