Care & Maintenance

If you take care and maintain your timber and hardwood floor the right way, a solid timber floor will never have to be replaced.

1. We suggest placing protective padding under the bottom of your furniture to avoid unnecessary scratches.

2. A simple vacuum or dust mop to retain its quality. And suggest that if you are washing your floor you use a cleaning agent specially formulated for timber floors and recommend you avoid applying any waxing agents to any non waxed floors.

3. It is also recommended that mats be placed down at all entrances and heavy traffic areas to eliminate harsh abrasions and scratches on your floor.

4. It is also important to wipe up any spills immediately.

In addition, we recommend every few years that a fine sand and re-coat is applied before the floor is worn down completely. This will avoid a floor having to be sanded down to bare timber and having the full two to three coats applied again, which can work out to be a costly exercise