Sanding and Polishing

Our sanding and polishing is what has made us who we are today and is why we are so recognized, respected and accepted in the building industry. Although, having a good quality timber floor installed properly is important, to ensure you get a completely professional finish you must have the best sanding and polishing skills to finish the work.

We treat your floor as if it were our own, making sure you are satisfied with the result the first time around.

With our sanding and polishing, our standard applications are three coats of finish over a period of three days thus letting each coat dry overnight. However, depending on the climate and size of the project this can be reduced down to two days.

The recommended time to move furniture back in, is three to seven days, however we can advise you on a time as it depends on weather conditions. This maximizes hardness and durability so your floor can stand up to the toughest conditions in the future.

Borthwick floors believe that in order to get your timber floor properly coated with the best recommended products around, this process is not rushed.

Remember that Borthwick floors want your polished timber strip or parquetry floors to last as long as possible.