The Truth About Roof Leaks

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Roof leaks – it happens to everyone right? Well, it does and it doesn’t. Roof leaks are one of those things that might cause you a lot of grief or could be simple to repair as a band-aid on a cut. So what is it about roof leaks that get people so riled up? We have all the key things you should know about roof leaks!

What Are The Effects Of Roof Leaks?

You might be thinking: so what if there is a leak in my home? Well, we are here to tell you that there are a few problems that you might be facing if you do not stop the leak from happening. Here they are:

  • Leaks can lead to the interiors of your home becoming weaker, rotting and putting unnecessary pressure on your home.

  • It can lead to the foundations being damaged

  • Can lead to the growth of bacteria in between your walls and ceiling

  • Will hurt your hip pocket, as repairing or replacing the interiors of your home can be super expensive (plus the value of your property will drop if the home is internally damaged)

The Main Sources Of Roof Leaks: 

Now that we know about the damages that roof leaks can cause, let us take a second to focus on the main sources of roof leaks and why they happen:

  • Roof tiles (also known as shingles, or roof shingles) that are cracked, missing or loose. They will let in water easily and cause leaks in your home.

  • Improper caulking around your home. That means the gaps between shingles, vents, windows and gutters are open and will let water in.

  • Blocked or overflowing gutters. When there is too much pressure on the gutter, the water leaks over to the roof, puts it under more pressure, forcing it to crack. This is an important thing to check because it can lead to a square line gutter replacement.

  • Built up debris in the gutters or on the roof. This can put unnecessary pressure on the roof and force it to crack, leading to leaks.

  • Damaged or deteriorated roofing flashing. This important metal sheet is the last line of defence between your roof and your interior. If it is damaged, it can lead to a wealth of leaks.

How To Stop Roof Leaks:

When it comes to a roof leak, there is no question that calling a roofing professional is the answer. You can try to do it yourself, but many people end up causing more problems or damages. So our advice is simple: call a roof to fix your leaking roof. Let it go on for too long and you can end up with a restoration. And the cost of roof restoration services isn’t as cheap as you think!